New Indoor Classification Badges

WAA will be operating an Indoor Classification Badge Scheme from the start of the 2014/2015 season.

The Indoor Classification scheme will be similar in many respects to the existing Dragon Award, but will be based on handicaps rather than on absolute scores. This means that it can be applied across all of the Indoor rounds that are recognised by Archery GB.

As with Dragons there will be six levels of achievement:- White, Black, Blue, Red, Gold and Purple in increasing order of difficulty. For Recurve and Compound bowstyles, the required handicaps are set to be the same as those for the Archery GB Indoor Classification system, from Class G through to Class A. For Barebow and Longbow there is no Archery GB Classification available and the required handicaps have been based on the scores required for Dragon Awards.

All claims must be based on three rounds but there are differences between the claim process for the lower levels (White, Black Blue) and the higher levels (Red, Gold, Purple).

For the first three levels, rounds need not be shot in open competition but could come from a Club Target night. Scoresheets need not be provided, but the Claim Form must be countersigned by the Club Secretary, Records Officer or Handicap Officer (if this is a different person).

For the three higher levels, rounds must be shot in open competitions, although these need not be record status. Copies of all three of the Results lists must be provided and the form must be countersigned as above.

In most other respects, the scheme details are the same as those for Dragon awards. There is only one style of badge, which therefore covers all bowstyles and age groups. The different levels are indicated by a coloured border around the central design (the new WAA logo). Each colour may only be claimed once, irrespective of bowstyle. Colours below the level actually achieved can be purchased if desired.

More information, including the actual handicap requirements, is given on the WAA Indoor Classification claim form.

We hope that archers will appreciate the additional flexibility of the new scheme and the fact that it will start at lower levels than the Dragon scheme, making it accessible to less experienced archers and to our younger juniors. The Dragon scheme will continue, but will remain restricted specifically to the Portsmouth round.

Sam Moore
WAA Records Officer
August 2014