New website

Hi all, welcome to the new website.

If your reading this then i’ve got round to creating your member account.

I would suggest to everyone to change your passwords on the “profile” page for security reasons (link to the left).

If anyone has any comments, contributions, corrections, feature requests etc please send me an email or use the contact us page.

Level 1 WFAA coaches

After the two day course held at the Blandy-Jenkins club by Ray Howells (Welsh Squad Coach and Level 3 WFAA coach). We are pleased to announce the new Level 1 WFAA coaches.

From Blandy-Jenkins club we have Peter Haines, Kim Swetman, Emma Fetherston, Adrian Boudier and Edd Jones.

Well done everyone. Level 2 here you come!

Committee Meeting Update


Change of plan as key members of the exec will not be available on this day.

Committee Meeting to be held after the formal shoot on Tuesday 26th start time 20:30 Approx

if anyone has anything they would like to add to the agenda please let me know as soon as possible..

current agenda summery stands at:

1.) updates from commitee members
2.) voluteers for vacant posts
3.) begineers cources
4.) website